Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Seonna Hong

I really love the work by Seonna Hong. These are some of her older pieces of work but there is tons of lovely new stuff to look at on her website.
Not only does she create lovely paintings but she also works as an art director for Nickelodeon and in the past has worked as a background artist at Cartoon Network and Disney. She has even won an Emmy for Individual Achievement in Animation. :)

I have been meaning to blog about her for a while as back in my second year of uni I used one of her images to create a sonic postcard. It was my first After Effects project and my first time recording and mixing my own sound. (You can see it on youtube although the aspect ratio is incorrect and the quality is pretty low - oh the joys of being a noob)

Anyway I will share with you some of my favourite images of hers that have been on my computer for a while and have all been on my desktop at some point in time. :) I particularly love the Snow Angels one.

Her most recent work is actually going to be exhibited next week at a show titled “I Know What You're Thinking...” in New York along with another one of my favourite artists Saelee Oh. I wish I could go....

I also really want to get my hands on her pop up book Animus.

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