Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Koji Yamamura

Koji Yamamura

Atama Yama (Mt Head) 2002

Ame no hi (Imagination) 1993

Toshi wo totta wani (The Old Crocodile) 2005

I first came across Koji's animation during my art foundation in the book 'Animation Now!' where his film Mt. Head was featured on the DVD which came with the book. I thought it was great which is why I was really happy to hear he would be attending the Norwich International Animation Festival 2006.

It was during my second year of uni and I was working as a volunteer at the festival. There was a screening of his films which was great as I was able to see a full collection of his work on the big screen. My favourites being Mt Head, The Old Crocodile and the shorts featuring the two claymation characters Karo and Piyobupt. Afterwards I was lucky enough to meet him and my friend and I got a signed drawing from him. I am so glad we went to talk to him it was really cool to be able to meet someone whos work I really admired.
I really love his films and if you haven't seen them before I really recommend you check them out. I have included links below the images above.

At the Norwich International Animation Festival 2006 (now known as AURORA).

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Bianca Ansems said...

What? I signed drawing?? *jealous* I love Mt.Head!