Friday, 31 October 2008

* Happy Halloween *

I love Halloween! well I generally just love fancy dress and we got to do fancy dress at work today so I was extremely happy. I feel slightly sad I am not at uni anymore as I will be missing out on some big halloween parties >.<

There has been a serious lack of updates on this blog the last few weeks and the Phillipe project is currently on hold. I have started a part time job now and have been trying to do as much overtime as possible due to my dwindling overdraft. Also this week has been half term week so I have also been doing a fair bit of babysitting :) Hopefully after the next few weeks I will be able to get back into animating Phillipe.

I have however found a bit of time to have a go in Flash this week as I made my friend a nice e-card for her birthday. I feel like e-cards are going to be the way forward this Christmas. Saving the environment 'n' all that. ^-^ So I'm hoping to have a lot of fun messing around in Flash making lots of lovely Christmas animations! ^-^


Saturday, 18 October 2008

Phillipe progress...

Phillipe has a skeleton... it took me a while to get it in and now I am just trying to get my head around skin weights. I haven't had a chance to spend much time on this as I've been working on other things but hopefully I'll have him moving by the end of this month! :)

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A few hours later....

So this is what I have completed so far. Its just the model and I'm not really sure what I am doing with the flower on his head or how I am going to animate that. I also have no idea where to start with rigging so I'm going to read now ^-^ Hopefully he'll be moving soon. I also want to make him a bit smoother... he looks a bit point in places o_O eek! Well there is plenty of time, off to the books now!

The Return of Phillipe!

I have decided to bring back Phillipe! My little flower kitty cat from the Encounters Project last year. Everyday his cardboard cutout looks at me from on top of my pinboard... so I decided in my attempt to learn character modelling in Maya I will use Phillipe! :) He has a simple body shape so shouldn't be too difficult to model and then with help from tutorials etc I am hoping to rig him up and get him dancing around like he was meant to do!
Updates of this process will follow. ^-^

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bringing out the paints again :)

I decided to get the paints out after a very very long time of not doing any painting at all. My paint box was very dusty and lots of my acrylics had dried out >.< very annoying. Anyway I painted something for my sister to take to university with her to put in her new bedroom. I used this reference photograph I found from the National Ballet of Canada and attempted the change the girls face into my sisters... it kinda worked... o_O Anyway now I've got my paints out again I wanna start painting much more. It's a shame I haven't done it for so long! So from now on I am painting! wee!! ~~~