Thursday, 5 March 2009

LLF Projection Tests

So I have just arrived back from H+B where I met up with Bob, Jonny (technician) and Loz (musician) to look at and test the film and animation sections for the production.

I am extremely happy to say that the projection tests went brilliantly! :) I am really pleased with how everything looked when it was projected. The biggest surprise was that the water background hardly needed any effects added to it as it looked perfect for projection. :)

Here we were trying to get the film to fit on the screen. The main problem we had when I first arrived was that the film was too wide. Because I was working exactly to 720x576 a lot of the film was being cut off the sides. Another problem was that the projector was tilted and positioned quite low down which was skewing the image quite a lot.

We managed to overcome these problems by:
1) Moving the projector higher to decrease the skew
2) Changing the width of the animation and adding black borders down the edge.
The whole thing has been slimmed now and it fits perfectly! hurrah! ^-^

The main section of animation is pretty much completed, all that is left on that section is to tidy up the animation and add all the details. I then need to animate a single bird for the end sequence which will merge with Bob's film. I am looking forward to this as my schedule is a lot less hectic from now onwards. This means I can put all my efforts into finishing it off and perfecting all the tiny details! :)

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Bob Frith said...

Yeh, its true - Steff did a great job on the animation, plus steered me through the necessary bits of Final Cut Studio that I stumbled on. After weeks of worring about pixel and frame sizes it was good to see it begin to fall into shape. Bob