Thursday, 25 June 2009

Edinburgh and Lilly

I have just returned from a two day trip up to Edinburgh to see my friend Nicole and record some voices for her graduation film. It was my first visit to Edinburgh and I had such a lovely time! The city was so beautiful and it was great to see some friends after such a long time of being hidden away working in my room. We only had one full day together but we made the most of it!! We started with voice recording and then heading into town to walk up Arthur's Seat. A walk that I didn't think I could make considering my current fitness level...

...but Yay! After much huffing and puffing we made it to the top! Pretty embarrassing as there were lots of older people up there who didn't look out of breath at all.

Then after a yummy dinner we decided to go on one of the ghost tours and it was one of the funniest things ever. It was pretty interesting to learn a bit about Edinburgh's history and our guide was extremely good and succeedeed in completely freaking Nicole and me out! o_O

Now I will tell you a little more about Nicole's project. Nicole is studying her MA in Animation at the Edinburgh College of Art and Rachinta and I agreed to do the voices for her graduation film. Below is an image of the lovely little girl I have recorded a voice for. :) She is called Lilly. You can read all about her on Nicole's work in progress blog called Improve Lilly.
Check out the rest of Nicole's work on her website here -->>> go go go!!

It's back to reality now though and I'm just working on a short film for YouTube of the Little Leap Forward production. I am also going to be involved in the next Horse + Bamboo project but I will tell you all about that another day.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

New Website

For those of you who visit my blog at the web address you may have noticed that the layout around here has changed a little today. This is because today I have began phase one of my new website. ^-^

Today I uploaded a brand new version so is looking all sparkly and new! A lot of the content is the same but there a few new bits here and there. I will be updating this site a lot over the next few months and will hopefully have some new content up by the start of July. I am also planning to add lots of little animated extras to this site! :) These are still a work in progress but they should be popping up on the site as I finish them.

I am going to be very busy the next few weeks as I am about to start work on editing together 'Little Leap Forward' for a short online film of the production. I am also trying to organise a trip to Edinburgh to visit my dear old collab partner Nicole and help her with some audio for her film. All very exciting! :)

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Little Leap Forward - Reviews

Photo by Ian Tilton

Just thought I would post up links to a few of the reviews that have come out so far.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Papercutting #2 - Kate Slater

As promised here is a link to another one of my favourite papercut artists I have discovered whilst trawling the world wide web. ^-^

Kate Slater

She creates these great 3D paper collages and cut outs for her illustration work which I find just amazing to look at. I have only posted a couple of her images here but you should check out her website and blog which both contain a selection of her work.