Monday, 23 March 2009

Bird Progress

So I have been struggling with the birds the last few days and I thought I figured out how I was going to add the details to the wings and then realised that it wouldn't work that way etc. etc.
So I spend most my time today hunting down free softwares. I actually came across quite a few open source 2D animation software. I will probably write about them another time as they all looked rather promising.

Eventually I came up with another way to add the detailed wings... It wasn't the way I originally planned to do it but it looks okay so far. I think that with a bit of clean up and tweaking it will look fine. Here is a screenshot from what I've been working on today.

I think I am on schedule with Little Leap Forward :) Should have the whole thing finished in a couple of weeks time. I am really looking forward to seeing it intergrated into the final production. ^-^

Apart from that I haven't been up to much else really. I am planning a re-design of my website in the next few months though which will be very fun. :) The last version was put together in a bit of a rush before my grad show so I am really looking forward to be able to just sit down and design. I will also be re-decorating my bedroom / studio starting in May. It's pretty cramped at the minute with minimal storage so a fresh start will be nice :) It's all about the changes right now, very exciting! :)

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