Sunday, 18 May 2008

Title and Chart...

I think I have a title for my film. It is 小希 Xiao Xi, it means small hope. I figured this would also work as the main characters name. I did want her name to be something like little light.... but the chinese for that is 小光 which is a boys name. So never mind..... I think xiao xi has a nice sound to it anyway :) quite small and delicate.

I made a chart last week... based on Martin's chart to see how much stuff I had left to do. I was very excited to make the chart because I love organising things! Anyway it has proved to be very very helpful as I can see everything that needs to be done in my whole film all at once! ^-^ I thought I would be nerdy and scan it in and put it on here ^-^

I have had a fairly productive weekend. Got most of the animals finished off, I just need to animate the tiger... which if the worst comes to worst can be left out if I run out of time. I also managed to complete a fair bit of hand drawn stuff. :)

The deadlines approaching fast so I won't be updating much for the next couple of weeks. My next post will probably be my almost finished animation with sound.... we'll see though... o_O who knows.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Must stay positive!!

I spent all day cutting up footage of the bluescreening and putting it into my final film. I had managed to get quite a lot done but a last minute mistake at the backing up stage caused me to lose everything I had done today >.< gah!! This mistake was followed by a lot of staring at the screen and a few tears. BUT It's okay! I must not get down at this point in my project! I MUST be positive! I did some maths and figured I only really lost 4-5 hours work... which isn't THAT much really. And since I have done it all today I'm sure I'll be much faster working on it tomorrow :) So this is the way it will be :) I'm going to stay up a little later than usual tonight and work on some other things then make the most of the DV suite from 9-1 tomorrow! EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY! :)

On another note... my computer has decided to play up again... so I am going to have a fun weekend of reinstalling things o_O eeskh! The bad luck all comes now >.< Lets hope tonight was the last of it! ^-^

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Three weeks left.... o_O

I have almost finished rendering out my scenes animated and static ! hurrah! :) Been having a few problems today rendering stuff out large enough to print, but I have an idea which might make it happen tomorrow :)

Made a final list today of the work for the next three weeks. It is four pages long... o_O and it doesn't include sound or clean up o_O eek! I only have a little more drawn animation today and then I will be back into the world of after effects. Lots of compositing to do >.< plus lots of fireworks to make :) should be fun.

My animal scene is having a few set backs... mainly because of the Ox. Having a few problems with his run cycle but will be showing it all to Suzie tomorrow to see what she thinks. Tomorrow is our last crit/tutorial also cleverly known as critorial ^-^ I have put together all the animation I have completed so far with a small portion of the sounds I have been recording. I would upload it but I was having some problems rendering it out small from home... I don't know why... o_O I'm planning to work quite a bit on sound and crowd shots this week so I'll try to post some kind of animation up in the next couple of weeks.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Animal Scene

I have been spending the weekend and will be spending this bank holiday trying to finish off my animal scene. It has taken a lot longer than I initially thought. The Maya stuff turning out to be the easiest bit and the run cycles turning out to be the hardest... something I thought would be the other way around.
I have cut up and started animating the pig, ox, horse, goat and rabbit and just have the tiger to start on. However the animation side isn't so good.
I have finished the pig and I am happy with the horses run cycle. The other three are causing me some problems... no matter how many pictures/videos of cows, goats etc I look at online I still can't get them to look right >.<
Just thought I would post with two little tests I have put together so far ^-^

Other updates....
I still haven't started rendering my backgrounds or the dragon and lantern scenes yet as I have had a few set backs with lighting and was getting sick to death of sitting for hours not getting anywhere. So I decided to take a break from that until next week. I have done some more hand drawn animation and have completed the scene where the girl first meets the rat.

Sound is slowly coming along. Last Friday I recorded lots of papery sound effects which I can mess around with to create all kind of lovely things ^-^ I have booked out the sound room tomorrow and hope to get a start on some music tomorrow with the help from Phil of course :)

I need to have a look at the crowd scenes and finish off Zainals intergration into my film which I might have a look at tomorrow afternoon... who knows o_O
Anyway... It's back to the animals now ^^