Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Three weeks left.... o_O

I have almost finished rendering out my scenes animated and static ! hurrah! :) Been having a few problems today rendering stuff out large enough to print, but I have an idea which might make it happen tomorrow :)

Made a final list today of the work for the next three weeks. It is four pages long... o_O and it doesn't include sound or clean up o_O eek! I only have a little more drawn animation today and then I will be back into the world of after effects. Lots of compositing to do >.< plus lots of fireworks to make :) should be fun.

My animal scene is having a few set backs... mainly because of the Ox. Having a few problems with his run cycle but will be showing it all to Suzie tomorrow to see what she thinks. Tomorrow is our last crit/tutorial also cleverly known as critorial ^-^ I have put together all the animation I have completed so far with a small portion of the sounds I have been recording. I would upload it but I was having some problems rendering it out small from home... I don't know why... o_O I'm planning to work quite a bit on sound and crowd shots this week so I'll try to post some kind of animation up in the next couple of weeks.

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Bianca Ansems said...

Hello Steff! Yes all is well. Very busy of course, but I am sure it's not any less with you ;] It looks all very very good. I love the running paper animals, especially the horse. I am dead curious to the finished film! Good luck!! x