Thursday, 15 May 2008

Must stay positive!!

I spent all day cutting up footage of the bluescreening and putting it into my final film. I had managed to get quite a lot done but a last minute mistake at the backing up stage caused me to lose everything I had done today >.< gah!! This mistake was followed by a lot of staring at the screen and a few tears. BUT It's okay! I must not get down at this point in my project! I MUST be positive! I did some maths and figured I only really lost 4-5 hours work... which isn't THAT much really. And since I have done it all today I'm sure I'll be much faster working on it tomorrow :) So this is the way it will be :) I'm going to stay up a little later than usual tonight and work on some other things then make the most of the DV suite from 9-1 tomorrow! EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY! :)

On another note... my computer has decided to play up again... so I am going to have a fun weekend of reinstalling things o_O eeskh! The bad luck all comes now >.< Lets hope tonight was the last of it! ^-^

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