Sunday, 18 May 2008

Title and Chart...

I think I have a title for my film. It is 小希 Xiao Xi, it means small hope. I figured this would also work as the main characters name. I did want her name to be something like little light.... but the chinese for that is 小光 which is a boys name. So never mind..... I think xiao xi has a nice sound to it anyway :) quite small and delicate.

I made a chart last week... based on Martin's chart to see how much stuff I had left to do. I was very excited to make the chart because I love organising things! Anyway it has proved to be very very helpful as I can see everything that needs to be done in my whole film all at once! ^-^ I thought I would be nerdy and scan it in and put it on here ^-^

I have had a fairly productive weekend. Got most of the animals finished off, I just need to animate the tiger... which if the worst comes to worst can be left out if I run out of time. I also managed to complete a fair bit of hand drawn stuff. :)

The deadlines approaching fast so I won't be updating much for the next couple of weeks. My next post will probably be my almost finished animation with sound.... we'll see though... o_O who knows.

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