Thursday, 31 January 2008

Working Animatic

Presenting my animatic! (a work in progress I would like to add) yeah I don't even have a title yet.....
I still need to add the final scenes and work on the timing a bit more. I am still not sure about the firework scene either. I kinda had to force the idea out... not sure if I like it >.< gah. Well I hope people can understand it ^-^ if you have any comments let me know ^^ I need as many opinions as possible ^-^ x

Dragon Updates

I have been working on my Dragon in Maya on and off over the last couple of weeks. It is taking a lot longer than I thought it would and it is much more complicated than I thought. Been having trouble with the movement as you can see from the test below. I thought I would upload them anyway to show you guys I am trying! >.<
Going to go into uni today and talk to the games design people some more about how I can make it easier to manipulate the movement of the dragon. I'm such a noob in Maya though that I can't even help. gah >.<

P.s. sorry about the quality >.< youtube always makes things fuzzy its so annoying. I need to find a way around this.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The internet returns....... ????

It appears we finally have a connection in our house....


expect updates soon...

Friday, 25 January 2008

Still no internet :(

Our house is still without the net :( *sigh* I swear I will kill Tiscali if they don't fix this soon >.< We've had this problem for weeks and they still aren't doing anything. To anyone out there who is reading this..

DO NOT EVER EVER EVER sign up for Tiscali broadband!!

Because they are the most useless company you will ever have to deal with!! >.< they will never help you, only pretend to! and in the process they will take all your money! grrrr! very very annoyed!!!

On another note it seems I have not been doing much work this week. We had a crit on Monday and once again I was the last one to go (it always seems to turn out this way). So naturally when it was my turn everyone just wanted to go home therefore I didn't really get much feedback on my animatic. :( Oh well... I'm planning to upload it to my blog soon... I just have a scene missing...

I hoped this scene would have come to me in my dreams or something like that but it just doesn't seem to be happening and I need to piece it together soon!! This weekend will be devoted to creating this scene as well as writing up the conclusion for my dissertation (which I have been ignoring for the past few weeks).

Deadlines coming up.... Tiscali being crap... It's all becoming a bit too stressful for my liking >.< eek!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Building Design

I've started drawing out some designs for the buildings I need to create in 3D.
Drawing buildings is not realy my strong point but I've tried my best. I just need something to use as a reference when I start building them properly in Maya.
I have quite a good idea of what I am going to do now I just need to start doing it.

Hopefully I can start modelling them this week. I am also planning to create some colour scripts for my whole film scene by scene just to show what kind thing I want to create.

My animatic is coming along. I was going to upload it today but I need to re-render it so it is small enough to put online. I have most of the scenes complete now. There is just one scene missing, the one where all the animals come out of the sky. I am starting to worry about this scene and it's stopping my mind from putting it all together. I need to do some tests in AFX and Maya to see how well it is going to work. Hopefully I will get this done this week too ^-^

So that is building modelling, color scripts and AFX animals that I want complete by next week! Lets see if I can stick to that! :)

Some Dragon type things....

I photoshopped my girl character onto the dragon just to show the kind of thing I want to create in my final film. I was beginning to get worried about how well she would fit together with the dragon but it seems to look okay right now :) So lets hope it stays this way :)

I have also started creating the texture to use on the lantern which will be at the start of the film. I am still deciding exactly how the lantern is going to look. Hopefully I will have this all sorted out by the time assessment comes. I think I am going to have the dragon design lantern and then perhaps a couple of others...

Monday, 14 January 2008

The internet is down....... (again)

Just thought I would post an update that the internet is down at home again... >.<
This probably means less updates for the time being... :(
Working on my drawings for the buildings I'm planning on modelling this week :) how exciting!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Back into the swing of things!

I've only been back at uni for 3 days and already I am exhausted! I think I spent WAY too much of the Christmas holidays in bed >.< It has made me really unfit! and I just want to sleep all the time!

Today has been the most productive day so far. Decided to finally investigate games design and seek out some help with Maya. Spent most of the day trying to make my dragon bend and move in the 3d environment. I've learnt lots of things today! ^-^ Hooray!
These images are just a few tests showing the kind of thing I want to create for the final film. The Dragon will have arms and legs I just haven't added them in yet. I was just testing the skeleton today

The second thing I did today was go to the library and read up on Chinese architecture. If I am going to create some buildings I need to know what they are going to look like. ^-^ So at some point over the next week I need to draw up the design for the two main buildings which are in my film. Including lots of details for the roof tiles and stone carvings >.< (

Other than that I haven't really done much else. I started working on my animatic... I have put together 3 scenes so far but the timing still needs a lot of work so that is something else I am going to be working on.

Dissertation is being left for the weekend then I am going to take a break from it before my tutorial on the 21st. Trying not to worry about it too much as I really have a lot more work to be getting on with related to my final film.

Expect updates with animatic soon ^-^

Friday, 4 January 2008

Christening Present

I took a little break from my diss to make a christening present for my friend.
As I am so very poor I decided to draw her a picture of her baby as a gift ^-^
It was nice to relax for a bit and just draw something else.
Back to the real pace of working next week >.< eek!

Diss update: I've pretty much written up all my book analysis I just need to rearrange it all now and make it make sense :) so hurray for that! Then comes the theory part and conclusion and I should be all done. Luckily I still have a while until the deadline. I must make my film my focus when I get back.