Friday, 25 January 2008

Still no internet :(

Our house is still without the net :( *sigh* I swear I will kill Tiscali if they don't fix this soon >.< We've had this problem for weeks and they still aren't doing anything. To anyone out there who is reading this..

DO NOT EVER EVER EVER sign up for Tiscali broadband!!

Because they are the most useless company you will ever have to deal with!! >.< they will never help you, only pretend to! and in the process they will take all your money! grrrr! very very annoyed!!!

On another note it seems I have not been doing much work this week. We had a crit on Monday and once again I was the last one to go (it always seems to turn out this way). So naturally when it was my turn everyone just wanted to go home therefore I didn't really get much feedback on my animatic. :( Oh well... I'm planning to upload it to my blog soon... I just have a scene missing...

I hoped this scene would have come to me in my dreams or something like that but it just doesn't seem to be happening and I need to piece it together soon!! This weekend will be devoted to creating this scene as well as writing up the conclusion for my dissertation (which I have been ignoring for the past few weeks).

Deadlines coming up.... Tiscali being crap... It's all becoming a bit too stressful for my liking >.< eek!

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