Thursday, 31 January 2008

Working Animatic

Presenting my animatic! (a work in progress I would like to add) yeah I don't even have a title yet.....
I still need to add the final scenes and work on the timing a bit more. I am still not sure about the firework scene either. I kinda had to force the idea out... not sure if I like it >.< gah. Well I hope people can understand it ^-^ if you have any comments let me know ^^ I need as many opinions as possible ^-^ x


Wildhoney said...

Aha! I didn't see this video when I was on here, err, yesterday. Addicted, you might say! Your animation is pretty sweet, and I think I understand it if I was on the right track last time.

I definitely think you should continue with the approach of having the people merely silhouettes - no faces, and thus exhibiting no emotions and no facial expressions what-so-ever. You may have done it in the video because of time, but I like it! I think if you concentrate on making the silhouettes of the people walking by seem quite large in comparison to the Chinese girl, then that'll really give the viewer a real impression that she is merely an innocent little girl in an otherwise corrupt and unpleasant world.

Another thing, the colour for the highest spiritual being is typically a sky coloured blue - and of course white, so maybe, if you want to really get the point across of transcendence, then you might consider giving the dragon and the fireworks, also the doves, a bluey white aura. I noticed you stuck to the red a lot, and so just maybe that's how you want to keep it! Just a thought.

Last of all, many peoples' accounts of NDE (or OBE) say that there is no such thing as time. Einstein showed that time was subjective, and so if it's not too profound for a short animation, then you might also get your brain ticking to show that there is no such thing as time. I think though that's probably not a good idea because many may not understand it, and being able to incorporate it into the animation would be an utter pain - I'm sure. Unless of course you have a bright idea. I'm all out of them - well, never had any in the first place!

What more can I say other than trust you to go with the dragon! you'll be having endless fun animating that - wink wink and all that!

Best of luck.

Steff Lee said...

Thanks for your opinions Adam :) It's cool to hear from people outside uni. Don't worry all the people in the crowds are going to be silhouettes, that was the idea. That they are just faceless individuals and she is the only important character in this film.
I like your idea about the bluey white aura but I don't think it will really fit very well with me film. I have decided to stick very closely with the red theme as red is such an important colour in Chinese culture.
I 'm not sure about this time thing >.< sounds too confusing for me and the audience haha I just wanna re tell this story :D
The dragon is gonna give me hell! But I'm sticking at it! :) woo!
Thanks for checking my blog :)