Saturday, 2 February 2008

Ending Scenes

Trying really hard to get my ending scenes storyboarded >.< Finding it really difficult though :( especially the flying scene... I am still unsure what the backgrounds are going to look like. I am not too good at background design... I might do some experiments today. Wanted to get my whole film storyboarded and a whole animatic on time for assessment but I don't know if I'm gonna manage it... I don't want to force the ideas out and rush them cause that always creates rubbish.
I've been thinking about the final scene as well. Here are some sketches I did last night...

I finally watched Grave of the Fireflies last night. It was such a sad film :( although I did see many similarities between it and my story. It was a good reference for my film though and I'm glad a watched it, after keeping it locked in my cupboard for all these years. o_O
Everything seems to be going a bit slow this end of the week. Which is extremely annoying considering assessment is on Monday >.< I want to do more work! I'm just struggling to get any ideas out! >.< ah!!!


Wildhoney said...

I got Grave of the Fireflies the other week - still not watched it though. It did come recommended!

Steff Lee said...

Oh you must watch it right away! it's really good! ^-^