Tuesday, 5 February 2008

REPOST: Working Animatic

I added some ending scenes onto my animatic for assessment.
They are not perfect... but it gets across the idea. I really need to work on this over the next couple of weeks. >.<
Dissertation is taking over now though! >.< eek!

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Wildhoney said...

Yep! I understand why you've gone with the red colour - it really does work. Also, I agree totally, the time is far too confusing for a short animation such as this.

I've promised myself to visit all my friends' blogs a lot more often than I did before - which isn't overly difficult 'cause I never did anyway. I'm always getting mithered to read this and read that so why the hell not just visit them regularly. Hehe!

How are you going to go about creating the real thing...?

Anyway! the other night's messed up my sleep pattern yet again, but now I must sleep! :) Take care.