Monday, 23 March 2009

AnnaTheRed's Bento Factory


This is possibly my favourite food related blog <3 My obsession with bento boxes brought me to this site and I absolutly love everything this girl makes!
She has tons of Ghibli and game related bentos. My favourite being the Sleeping Totoro. So cute ^-^

I also love her Wall-E and Totoro sandwiches which I am planning on attempting to make with my friends kid next week. He is very excited about it all... almost as excited as me. :) I also want to attempt to make her Doraemon onigiri... although my last attempt at onigiri didn't go too well.

She is so creative with her food it is amazing. Plus she made a Battlestar Galactica themed feast for the season finale... this is the main reason I am blogging about this today. The three post special on BSG themed food was brilliant.

You must check out the rest of her bentos *Go Go Go*

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