Thursday, 12 March 2009

Day Off! ^-^

Today is my first day off for a very, very, very long time and I am really excited about it! :) I have already planned my day and filled it with fun things to do! :)

I am going to spend this morning entering a couple of festivals, playing a bit of my Wii and then going for my daily walk with my Mum which we decided we should do. Working from home can turn you into a bit of hermit so daily walks are good to clear the cobwebs! :) We have been doing it all this week and I must say I do feel a lot better.

This afternoon I will meet my friend and we are going drawing! this is something I have been desperate to do for ages as my sketchbook hasn't seen much of me recently. I also feel my drawing skills are slowly fading as I am continually on the computer moving key frames around. o_O

Then later this afternoon I am taking my friends kid to see BOLT. I hardly ever go to the cinema as it is just too expensive. I did really want to see the 3D version but at £9.10 just for me to get in I couldn't afford it. :( never mind
Another plus! the new South Park comes out today! so I will be having an animation filled evening. :D Woohoo! bring on time off! ^-^

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