Thursday, 29 November 2007

This week...

I have had quite a productive week... I have lots of draft storyboards set up and am planning to start working on an animatic sometime soon.
I need to get working on my environments more so I have a much clearer idea of what the scenes are going to look like. I have been drawing lots and lots of alleyways. I'm finding it quite difficult to create this place which I have never visited before, but hopefully it will all turn out okay.
I have also been trying to create my paper lantern in Maya which is turning out to be lots of fun. Just plently of playing around really. The lantern is for my opening scene and I have this really perfect image in my head... I just need to get the computer to output this same image. ^-^
That's about it for this week. Need to spend a lot of the weekend on my dissertation now as I have let it slip behind slightly.
Next week is the last week of college before the Christmas break so I'm going to need to start putting together plans of work to complete over the holidays. No doubt I will post that list on here :) This blog is good for keeping me on top of things. ^-^

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Environment idea...

This is one of the environments I want to include in my film. I haven't actually visited the place myself but hopefully by using reference photographs from books and the internet I will be able to recreate something very similar.
[Background Photograph from]

Mood Boards...

I have been busy trying to work on some storyboards this week... it is going okay.
I need to talk to a scripting tutor and do a lot more work on them... but hopefully I will be able to post something of them in the next couple of weeks.
This post will contain some moodboards I created for my film. ^-^

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

AURORA Window...

I realised I never updated with the final window display... mainly because we were really embarassed about it. HOWEVER I decided we should not be ashamed! It might not have worked out as planned and not really looked very good in the shop we were given, but these things don't matter any more! The cellotape bunnies were still cute! ^-^

Tuesday, 20 November 2007


I have just been messing around trying to make some fireworks... ^-^

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Back to FMP...

I am finally starting to work full time on my final film :) I have lots of plans for this week... I need to work of my storyboards and colour scripts for this time next week. It's all very exciting ^-^ I am also trying to figure out how I am going to animate this thing...
I want to experiment with AFX and Maya to see how well I create my paper cut out animals. I made my first paper cut our yesterday which took me ages but I am really pleased with the result ^-^ (see above)
Apart from my dissertation this is the only project I have to do now ^-^ and I am very excited about it all!

Phillipe and Plumbum

This is the film we showed in the exhibition. It is unfinished because Nicole was very sick :( and then I was very very busy when they came to Norwich. But hopefully we can add sound and finish it up at some point.
Everything went really well with this project! I really really enjoyed it! It was so cool to meet people from another art school from another country ^-^ And I really feel like I've learnt a lot from this project.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

It's almost over...

The ENCOUNTERS project is almost coming to an end. Images have been sent to print today and the exhibition will be next week. It has been a long project... I feel this is mainly because we did not have access to the internet at home through the whole duration of the thing.
I am really looking forward to meeting everyone from St Joost next week and the AURORA festival will be a nice break from all the stresses of the last few weeks. ^-^ Hooray!