Thursday, 10 January 2008

Back into the swing of things!

I've only been back at uni for 3 days and already I am exhausted! I think I spent WAY too much of the Christmas holidays in bed >.< It has made me really unfit! and I just want to sleep all the time!

Today has been the most productive day so far. Decided to finally investigate games design and seek out some help with Maya. Spent most of the day trying to make my dragon bend and move in the 3d environment. I've learnt lots of things today! ^-^ Hooray!
These images are just a few tests showing the kind of thing I want to create for the final film. The Dragon will have arms and legs I just haven't added them in yet. I was just testing the skeleton today

The second thing I did today was go to the library and read up on Chinese architecture. If I am going to create some buildings I need to know what they are going to look like. ^-^ So at some point over the next week I need to draw up the design for the two main buildings which are in my film. Including lots of details for the roof tiles and stone carvings >.< (

Other than that I haven't really done much else. I started working on my animatic... I have put together 3 scenes so far but the timing still needs a lot of work so that is something else I am going to be working on.

Dissertation is being left for the weekend then I am going to take a break from it before my tutorial on the 21st. Trying not to worry about it too much as I really have a lot more work to be getting on with related to my final film.

Expect updates with animatic soon ^-^

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