Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Building Design

I've started drawing out some designs for the buildings I need to create in 3D.
Drawing buildings is not realy my strong point but I've tried my best. I just need something to use as a reference when I start building them properly in Maya.
I have quite a good idea of what I am going to do now I just need to start doing it.

Hopefully I can start modelling them this week. I am also planning to create some colour scripts for my whole film scene by scene just to show what kind thing I want to create.

My animatic is coming along. I was going to upload it today but I need to re-render it so it is small enough to put online. I have most of the scenes complete now. There is just one scene missing, the one where all the animals come out of the sky. I am starting to worry about this scene and it's stopping my mind from putting it all together. I need to do some tests in AFX and Maya to see how well it is going to work. Hopefully I will get this done this week too ^-^

So that is building modelling, color scripts and AFX animals that I want complete by next week! Lets see if I can stick to that! :)


Bianca Ansems said...

It's great to see your activity, it's all coming along nicely. Good job :]

Anonymous said...

This really sucks, I just changed my blog name again. Someone emailed me that there was a Miss Coquette boutique business in Vancouver, and that my blog (since I'm also in fashion and also in the same city) can be confusing, so I've changed it to this name and hopefully this will be the last change x.X