Thursday, 24 April 2008

Rendering.... Rendering....

I pretty much have my scenes completed I am just trying to figure out how to render it.
Maya Software and mental ray are both good and bad in different ways.... I am thinking about combining the two. See my example below...

Maya Software
The Maya software shows the detail on my textures a lot more and the colours are much more vibrant.

Mental Ray
This is using the physical sun and sky so I can get a really realistic look which i s much softer... but at the same time I feel like I'm missing the kinda brightness that I think would work well with my girl character.

This is a quick combined version so I can get the affects of both of them. As most of my backgrounds are going to be statics it would be quite simple to layer the two renders out on top of each other with a filter in after effects... however it could be more troublesome when it comes to the dragon scene, unless he also looks good with the combined effect.

I know I could spend time messing around with the lighting effects and the textures but that is the problem. I could mess around all day with that kinda stuff when there is other important things to be done so I guess this combining this is just a shortcut for me. If anyone has any opinions on the above images or ideas with what I can do then let me know ^-^
I've once again had a pretty slow week... now is not the time for slow weeks! eek!
I'm working on the opening shot of my lantern again... but as always maya is causing me some problems and confusion... best get back to it o_O

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