Thursday, 17 April 2008

Animation of the last (almost) two weeks

I realised I didn't update with any animation for last week... and now I am almost at the end of another week o_O I can say however I have been animating very very hard!
I've been working on my dragon flying scene.. which is one of the most important scenes in my film. It took a while to get the dragon rig made up and then sort out all the timings. I have almost finished it! I am planning to finish it off tomorrow and sort out the dragon texture so he looks more like transparent paper and perhaps with a slight glow... I am not sure yet o_O I do however know that I need to get this scene completed by the weekend so I can start thinking about the animating the girl to put on his back. Here is a video from a couple of days ago... the movement is looking a lot better now and I have fixed the timing of the camera movement on the closing shots. I just have to tweak a few more things tomorrow and hopefully it will be done.

Other things I have to think about this weekend are the paper animals... I'm thinking I will have to animate them all in after effects first and then apply the animated textures to a flat plane in Maya... I really hope this all goes smoothly as time is running out o_O It seemed to go well in my tests but I've heard animated textures can sometimes mess up and cause problems. eek!

The sound side of things is going pretty slowly. I need to put aside some time for recording and searching for sound effects as well as sending Suzie examples of the kind of music I would like. o_O The whole sound thing freaks me out and because of that I have been avoiding it >.< but I must not ignore it forever!

There are many other things that need to be done such as
-the lantern shot
-the chinese lion parade
-more bluescreening filming
-sorting out the bluescreened footage
-fireworks and sparklers
-sorting out the lighting in both my Maya scenes

eek! I am getting very stresesd when I think about all these things! >.< so now I am going to bed and hoping for an early day tomorrow. Goodnight!

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Shmois said...

Smeff!add me as a friend lol!
i am setting this up so mum knows whats going on etc when im at uni lol
as she doesnt want my sisters to read as they are nosy and on facebook!