Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Back to Maya...

Been trying to finish off my environments with textures and snow etc... I am finding working at uni really slow o_O Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be working at top speed again. I need to add a couple more buildings to the Tianamen Square scene as its looking pretty empty o_O Not too good considering I want the dragon flying over it.
I really must get a move on now though because I need to start animating the dragon itself. That is essentially the most important part.

I just rendered out some shots of what I have been doing today. The first image in rendered with the Maya software and then the second two are using the physical sun and sky settings with mental ray. The sun and sky was lots of fun to play with! ^-^ But I only started playing before uni closed today so hopefully tomorrow I can mess around a bit more and try to create a dusk and night scene ^-^ yay! I also need to learn more about this physical sun and sky because I seemed to be loosing a lot of the detail on my textures when rendering with these settings.... o_O Lets hope I can sort it out! I would hate for all my painted textures to go to waste >.<

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