Friday, 4 April 2008

The later update as promised.....

So here is the animation for the week... not a lot really like I said before. o_O I have been getting very distracted by things this week such as TV, MSN, Food, Internet >.< gah they are all from the devil!!!

The animation won't really make any sense because there are lots of shots missing but I'm pretty much trying to animate everything in order. Also I know there are some serious problems with her run o_O It was stressing my out last night so I just kinda left it to deal with another day.

I have been spending today trying to sort out my dragon.
I have re-designed him! (see below) I have extended his body because I felt it was much too short before. I then experimented with putting him into Maya, just to make sure I hadn't forgetten everything I learnt last time. It took a while but I got there in the end... This is a little something I did this evening...

The animation is pretty shoddy but I was just messing around and experimenting with the keyframing certain attributes and messing around with the curves. fun fun o_O

Oh! Also I figured out how to animate the textures in Maya... It is actually quite simple.. I don't know why everyone has been telling me its too difficult! gah! I did a little experiment today with my rat but I will probably carry on with that in a couple of weeks time.
Back to uni next week o_O Which means back into Maya and back into games design *sigh* I really wanna get my environments totally finished plus the dragon flying complete over the next couple of weeks. I'm running out of time!! Only 8 weeks left!! eek!

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