Friday, 4 April 2008

Bluescreening Antics Part One!

Rachinta and I did some last minute planned bluescreen yesterday afternoon :) Which was very fun! Suzie's grand daughter did some lovely little runs for me :) so sweet. Then later in the afternoon Zainal and his two kids arrived and did some very good acting too :)
So now my villian is filmed and I have some shots of kids running too! hurrah! Now we need to arrange another session to get some more crowd scenes for Rachinta and me. Be warned! we are coming to recruit YOU next week! :)

Other than this I haven't really got much done this week. >.< I have seriously slacked off compared to last week. I will be updating later with the little bit of animation I have managed to do this week though. But now I'm going to finish redesigning my dragon so I can get him into Maya :) [I have been doing this all day...and I still haven't finished >.<]

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