Friday, 28 March 2008

This week...

I have been animating my girl all week. This is what I have put together so far.
There are quite a few errors here. The biggest problem is the size of the buildings compared to her. She either looks like a giant or a midgit. Think I might have to get back into Maya and change the size of the windows or doorways. Something I am not too keen on doing as I have already textured all the damn things >.<

My eyes have gone funny from looking at masks continuously over the last few days. I am planning to go back into Maya after the weekend and start working on my backgrounds again. My graphics card has gone so my computer is acting pretty poorly :( Hopefully I will have a new one by next week though. ^-^

The bluescreening session is on Sunday. I'm quite excited but also pretty nervous. I hope nothing goes wrong. We only have that one day to get everything right. eek! Gonna spend a couple of hours tomorrow going through my storyboards and checking every scene which will need crowds in. :)

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