Saturday, 22 March 2008

The hand drawn animation begins!

I was beginning to get fed up with all the Maya work plus my eyes were drying out from intense staring at the computer screen so I decided to start on my hand drawn animation of the girl. I have pretty much animated the first scene... I think... I just need to scan it in and test out the movement to be 100% sure. Something that will take a while o_O

Also while messing around in After Effects with different textures for the girls jacket and hair I managed to put together this kinda paper cut out look which I really like. I am just wondering what everyone else thinks? AND am I making even more work for myself by animating her this way?

I much prefer the girl without the heavy outline around her hair and jacket. Plus when it is moving it has a really nice effect. I decided to use a painted texture for her hair so that she would fit into the environment more. I have been worried about the mixing of 2d and 3d from the start and I hope I can pull it off. I have been texturing the ground in my environments with a painted texture also and I plan to add one to the fence in the image above.

I modelled my lamp which took my ages. Mainly because I was being so indecisive about what it was going to look like... but I got there in the end. You can see where have put the dragon onto the lantern in the image below. This is not the final thing as I really hate it. haha I've been experimenting with layered textures to make it appear stuck on out of gold foil... but its a slow process which has kinda been put to the side now.

And finally! I thought I would upload this picture because Hannah and me had so much fun messing around with the paint effects in Maya. Martin suggested instead of making my own tree from scratch I just use the paint effects and edit them. Which is what I have done... however I also made this crazy twirly wirly branch tree by mistake which I thought was cool :)

Oh yes... one other thing... it seems my graphics card after being in use for one week has screwed up o_O gah! I managed to get a spare one in here for now but Ash is going to help me tomorrow try to figure out what is wrong with the original! >.< ah! Why do computers break when we need them the most!?

Happy Easter Everyone! Now I sleep :)

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