Saturday, 15 March 2008

The last week and a bit....

Sorry the last couple of weeks have been thin on the updates. I have been spending most of my hours up in the games design area trying to get as much work completed in Maya before we closed for Easter.

It was my plan to have my whole environment created, animated and rendered in the last two weeks. I realise now how stupid I was to think that would actually happen. o_O
I have learnt so much over the last two weeks that my head is overflowing with information. The environments are pretty much built I just need to sort out my textures a bit and add some extra things like ice and snow.

Luckily for me my boyfriend delivered my new computer today! :) So now I can finally work on Maya from home on a decent computer ^-^ Just as well really as the school will be closed for the next three weeks for Easter.

More updates:
I have listened to the records provided to me by Ming :) and I have recorded some nice traditional Chinese music. I just need to listen to them over and over and try to find the right kind of thing for my film. Because of copyright and stuff we are going to attempt to create a similar kind of music using Logic... I can only hope it works.

29th/30th of March will be the day of bluescreening fun for Rachinta and me :)
We need to bluescreen a couple of crowd scenes which will hopefully be used for rotoscoping etc...

There is so much to do on my film that I get nauseous o_O I will update with screenshots and the such at some point next week. But for now I must get on with things!! >.<

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