Thursday, 2 April 2009

LLF Animation almost complete! :)

I have pretty much finished ALL the animation for the Little Leap Forward sequence now. :) I just have to finish it off and clean up some of the frames in the bird sequence. I don't want to post the finished piece online yet... not until it is completely finished and the show is on tour. Which will be from the 28th May :) It is such a short sequence and I think it works a lot better when it is projected.

As well as working on the clean up I am also about to start work on editing together a short collection of footage and images showing the making of the production. I haven't done much video editing before so it should be interesting. :) I have a nice piece of music to edit to written by Loz Kaye (the composer and musical director for the production).

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Helen said...

This is looking great Steff, I love your design :)