Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Papercut Artists

A large paper cut I photographed in a Chinese supermarket

I am completely in love with paper cuts right now and I just wanted to share some of the work of my favourite paper cut artists. I was going to post one huge post full of all the work I loved but instead I have decided to give each artist their own post. My obsession with paper cuts is a recent thing... and began during my research for my graduation film. I came across the art of Chinese paper cutting and just loved what could be achieved with a piece of paper and a knife.

I haven't had a chance to create much of my own paper cut work but I am hoping as my workload is slowing down now that I will finally get a chance to try my hand at some really cool cutting. I will be updating this post with new artists every time I find something I like and will post links to the individual posts full of lovely images etc...

#1Elsa Mora
#2Kate Slater

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