Friday, 24 April 2009

The Making of Little Leap Forward

My time working on Little Leap Forward has come to end. I put this film together last week to give everyone a sneak peak at the production process. During my visit I was able to see the set fully constructed as well as handle all the puppets and masks (all which have been beautifully made by Alison). I came back from watching rehearsals this week and I must say everything is looking great! The masks and puppets are now pretty much finished and being able to watch the actors and puppeteers putting the show together was brilliant. We tested the animation and film sequences together with music and the end sequence in particular looked great!
I am really looking forward to the opening night and can't wait to see the production!


Helen said...

Hi Steff. Great montage, it looks like a fantastic production. I hope the opening night goes well.x

LeoSlim said...

Woah looks amazing Steff! wish i was able to watch one of the showings :(.
Well Done on finishing the animations :D