Wednesday, 16 July 2008


So I am just settling in back at home and still looking for some part time work at least :)
Just thought I would post to plug a pretty cool art community site

My showreel has been spotlighted on their You Tube account which was really awesome as I do want to get my work out there to as many people as possible! ^-^ So now I want to encourage all you guys to get your work on there too!

So TAILCAST is this new community site where you can post any kind of art. Images, Films, Writing, Music pretty much everything you can think of. There are things for everyone on there and lots of new creative people to meet :) They also run competitions and the latest one involves collaboration :) I'm quite up for entering but I need to find a project that I'll have time to do. So if you haven't checked it out already I really recommend you do! Sign up and then hunt me down and add me too ^-^

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