Sunday, 30 December 2007

Maya Experiments...

I have been worrying about the backgrounds and environments for this film ever since I started this project. My drawing skills aren't particularly up to scratch especially when it comes to drawing buildings and perspective from my head. So I decided to have a go at creating the scenes in Maya. My knowledge of the software is still pretty slim but I am managing along with tutorials and such. The good thing about this idea is that if the rendered pieces don't look good enough I can still draw from them to get the perspective correct. I have just spent a while creating the alleyway where my character will hide. I am not really sure how to work the texturing thing out.. i need to mess around with that some more. I managed to texture the paper signs outside the shops though! ^-^ yay for me! I am also a little stuck on how to create the chinese style roof so I have left that for tonight. I have found a tutorial but it is for 3d studio max and I haven't had time to watch it yet... might give it a go tomorrow.
One week left until I'm heading back to uni. I have many things to do this week I am going to list them here just as another check list. ^-^
-Rough Storyboads
-Character Sheet
-AFX Animals (at least one)
-Girl line test

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