Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A Late August Update

Hello! I have been a very bad blog keeper these last few weeks. I have being doing lots of work on Deep Time Cabaret but most of it is preparation work so I don't actually have anything to post about.

The deadline for this project is fast approaching! Only about a month left until everything needs to be completed. I am working on 5 separate things for the production plus the online education pack and a making of film. These things will be keeping me very busy for the next month but I do have a couple of personal projects I have started which I will update about soon.

I also have had a weekend away in Bath to give myself a little bit of time off. It was a great trip just not long enough! The city of Bath is lovely! I fell in love with all the oldness instantly, I guess I just have a thing for old buildings :) We did the touristy thing and paid to go look around the Roman Baths which was pretty cool. I now want to plan another trip there so I can actually use the spa facilities in the city centre. ^-^

On another note I am looking at entering this competition... to win a trip to Pixar Studios. I have realised how little animating I have been doing recently so I really want a project to get me back into it all. This seemed like the perfect opportunity, plus I would be in with a chance to win a trip to the U.S. ^-^ All I need to do is create an original animated short with the theme of "an animated adventure"... time to get out the thinking cap!! ^-^

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