Friday, 30 January 2009

The last week of January....

I finally moved my butt this week and deleted the crappy old shelf from my room and installed a lovely new work space. As my latest project is going to require lots of paper cutting and hand drawn animation I needed somewhere to put my lightbox. I decided to add some flowers as my bedroom was beginning to feel a little bit too work placey :) Luckily I found some pretty tulips all ready for the Easter period. I'm actually really pleased with how the desk fit in as I was slightly concerned it would cramp my room even more. I really enjoyed my first evening working there ^-^ I also pulled out the old calander file again from uni to create a nice strict schedule for me to follow :)

So as the Norwich project ran over it has been keeping me pretty busy this week. I haven't actually had as much time as I would have liked to spend on Little Leap Forward. I did however manage to grab a couple of hours the other night to cut a dragonfly design and stick it into After Effects. I did a quick wing cycle test but I don't want to post anything up yet until I'm 100% happy with the movement. (below is a colour preview of what it is going to look like.)
I actually cut the papercuts on animation paper this time instead of straight into the red stuff. I found it really easy to cut and they came out so much more delicate than the ones I cut last year. I think I am going to have to invest in some much thinner red paper.

Anyway I'll leave this post for now. I am feeling pretty tired and have to work this weekend in the shop. o_O Earning money is good but having no days off is not. Aw well, it has to be done! :)
Good Night

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