Saturday, 27 October 2012

Xiao Xi in China

I recently came back from a trip to Beijing. A place I have been desperate to visit for many years now.  My sister is currently living over there which presented the perfect opportunity for me to go and visit the city I had spent so much time reading about back in 2008 when I was researching my graduation film.
Beijing really is something special.  Pretty crazy, dirty and busy but brilliant all the same! :) I spent a lot of the trip doing touristy things.  We went to the Great Wall, visited some beautiful parks and the Summer Palace, explored the 798 art district, did crazy Chinese shopping and headed down to Tiananmen Square (which was over National Holiday - so completely mental!)  Tiananmen Square was one of the locations featured in my graduation film Xiao Xi so when I went to visit I took my business card featuring Xiao Xi along with me to photograph her on location!  I had dreamt up the idea of this photo many years previously when I thought I would be travelling to China.  So its about 4 years late but I got it in the end! :)
I am really interested  in exploring Beijing further and am hoping to return to the city next year with a stop off in Shanghai too! I just thought I would have a little flashback moment and feature my grad film which I haven't watched for many years now.  After finally visiting the city, seeing Tiananmen Square and wandering around the hutongs the only thing I would change in my film would be to make the crowd scenes 100x busier and louder. Enjoy :)

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