Wednesday, 1 June 2011

BB and his world update

A lot of things have been happening with the BB and his world project over the last few months. Ros Stoddart who originally commissioned the film has now been joined by Ros Patching and together they have created Bright Stream Arts. They are holding several events at the start of July that are inspired by BB. (I will post updates with more details soon). The animated film we're producing is just one of several pieces of work being created for the project. They have also commissioned work from Contemporary Storyteller, Jo Blake, Poet, Jo Bell and Visual Artist, Jo Dacombe, for events in October.

So I have been trying on some fancy new producer shoes this month and after some early stresses I finally seem to be getting on top of things. I have brought in my cousin Ryan, who is trained in film, to help with all the production type things I am not familiar with. We have also welcomed a collection of lovely artists onto the project to help move things along. :) These are Simon Hill, Andy Ralston, Rachinta Platts and Martin Falconer. We've all been very busy and are fully stuck into the pre-production process working on concept work and storyboards. To see some of their artwork and follow the production of the film you can visit the blog here. I am very excited about this project and even though this management thing is quite new and overwhelming I am still feeling good about it all! Just watch this space! :)

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