Sunday, 22 May 2011

Book Binding Saturday

I went to a book binding workshop yesterday with my Mum and cousin and made these little notebooks. It was really nice to take the day off from work and do something creative whilst relaxing at the same time.

The workshop was run by Andrea Taylor at the Bee Inspried Studio in Kettering. It was a basic workshop creating simple little A6 notebooks. We made cute button catches for them and spent some time making paper beads to use on ribbon bookmarks. Between four of us we made 10 notebooks all made from recycled materials. My cousin was the book making machine and created 4 in just a few hours. :)

Handmade paper beads
Books made between the four of us


Serena said...

i am a book making machine!!! loved it

Mike Rumbles said...

I do love bookbinding... once you've got all the materials in front of you, it's so relaxing to just plod along and at the end of it, a book is born!