Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Mass Posting Alert!

I have been very quiet on this blog this year.  Even though I have had lots of things I've wanted to post about I've been finding it difficult to get around to actually posting them.  Now 2010 is coming to an end I have found myself with a lot of time on my hands thanks to some fluey type illness.  So to end this year I'm going to try push out as many of the posts I've had sitting in my drafts all year. :) Let the posting begin!

Yanim Studio - Yannick Puig

I really love this little character created by Yannick Puig for his animation Krapooyo.  It's quite an old now but  I thought I would post links to the films and the studio website.  If you haven't seen his work before then it is definitely worth a look.

You can visit the Krapooyo Site to see a higher quality version of the film which is worth the wait.

Hong Kong Disneyland

After my whole life of wanting to visit Disneyland I finally made it! (to the slightly smaller Hong Kong Disneyland that it.)  I took lots of pictures especially in the animation museum and wanted to share some of them on here.

Some pictures from the park...

The Castle! <3
"I know you I walked with you once upon a dream...."
I wanted to ride these flying elephants since I was about 4 years old!
Cute Mickey and Minnie design on a box of mooncakes.
A Disney artist in the parade. :)

Multicolr Search Lab

A fun way to search through Flikr.

Reel Roulette

Chris introduced me to this site a while back...

This is pretty cool, you can keep clicking through lots of different types of reels. :) It's quite good if you're looking for a bit of inspiration or for some new artists whose work you can get into.  My reel is a year old now and in need of an update but here is a link anyway...

The Art of the Disney Princess

Here is a little sneak peak into the book Art of the Disney Princess
This really is a lovely book although not quite what I expected.  I hoped it might have some character concept work for each princess, instead it is a collection of illustrations of each princess in various styles by lots of different artists.
Below are some photos of what is inside :) My favourites were the Art Nouveau versions of each of the princesses by Enrique Pita & Ed Irizarry.  (The Jasmine illustration below.  You can see more of these illustrations at this link.)