Friday, 6 August 2010

Xiao Xi at Hiroshima International Animation Festival

The Hiroshima International Animation Festival will be held from the 7th - 11th August and my graduation film 'Xiao Xi' will be screened as part of the 'Stars of Students' program.  I am very excited that my film was accepted as it was the last festival I planned to enter.  It doesn't seem like it but it has been two years since I finished my grad film and its festival life has now come to an end.  :(  Its really about time I started working on a new film. :)

I am not sure which screening my film will be shown at but it will be available to watch at the Educational Market where I have sent over some of my postcards and business cards for display. :)

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Bianca Ansems said...

wow that's awesome well done!