Friday, 2 July 2010

Project Onomatopee

Since I graduated and joined the working ranks I have found it extremely hard to find some time for myself where I can just have a doodle, draw or paint.  It had been getting me down recently as I have been feeling very uninspired and my head is just full of mundane tasks that need to get done.  After talking to a few of my fellow post grads I soon found that we were all suffering a bit on the creative side.  :( 

So when my old Dutch collab partner Nicole invited me to join her online project to get everyone drawing again I couldn't wait to join in!  Click the link below to check it out.

Every month Nicole will set a theme and then we can create any kind of art work we like.  The great thing is that everyone has a different approach and its quite inspiring to see how others might interpret the theme.  It is also nice to see all the different styles of work which is something I haven't been exposed to much recently.  The project isn't strict on involvement and we can dip in and out of it when we have time. (This will work well for my busier months)  I was a little late this month but wanted to enter something so I quickly drew this.

My entry for June's theme 'Nightmare'
(Yes, I hate being on the tube)

I can't wait for the next theme and am thinking I will use July to try something a little different.  I might get back into painting or pastels again and might even get out my little paper cutting scissors.  :) 

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Nicole said...

So cool steff! Thank you loads! I'm looking forward to your next drawing! xxx