Saturday, 5 June 2010

CtrlG Updates and Lyveden New Bield Video

Time for a quick update on CtrlG!

We have been busy working on the Adrenaline Alley project over the last few months. There have been a few set backs but we're coming close to finishing everything off. All the awesome video content Ryan and Andy R have been working so hard on will soon be online for everyone to see. Below is a sneak peak of the video player I built to be intergrated into the main site. It will hopefully be going live by the end of June. :) With the park continuing to grow there may be a lot more media content for CtrlG to put together in the future.

Warren Shaw a member of our group headed down to Kettering Arts Market last weekend to sell some of his work and created a flyer advertising our group. He also set up the Ctrl_G Blog !!! We finally have some web space that is our own! All core members of the group will be able to update this blog with their own work as well as talking about the current group projects.

I thought I would finish this post with a short video edited by our own Andy Eathorne. Taken from Watch This Space here are some extracts from the full Lyveden New Bield event. Keep an eye out for CtrlG's projections! :)

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