Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Animus by Seonna Hong

I love Seonna Hong's artwork (see one of my previous posts) and had been eyeing her book online for a long time. So it was the best surprise when my dear friend Rachinta bought me this signed copy of Animus for my birthday last year! The book was actually published in 2004 so as you can see I am quite behind in finally getting hands on it and posting about it here. :)

Front and inside cover
Buy it here at amazon.com  (I can't seem to find a UK outlet)

"Animus is the story of a little girl's encounters with a vicious dog.
The book utilizes a unique mix of traditional paintings and cleverly
animated pop-up elements to bring its characters and their emotions to life."

It's a thick but still quite small hardback book, approx A5 sized. The pages are made out of thick glossy card and the print quality of the illustrations is great.

It is great to see Seonna's beautiful illustrations in a lovely pop up form! It even includes one of my favourite illustrations featuring the little girl in the forest surrounded by friendly woodland creatures.  This was one of the first pieces of Seonna's work I discovered which once upon a time I used to cover my diary.  Below are a couple of snap shots from the inside of the book.  I have to apologise now for the picture quality, the lighting in our office isn't too good.  Enjoy! 

Below is another one of my favourite illustrations featured in the book.  It is titled 'Self Help' on Seonna's website. It's quite difficult to see on my photograph but the text on the book reads 'How to Make Friends' very cute indeed. :)

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