Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Heart shaped cakes and Tiger eyes

First for some bad news... Since my last post I am sad to announce that Plec has died! :( I am quite tramatised by this as I was really starting to love the little fella. >.< Another one of my fish also died and we had to get rid of one little aggressive tiger barb as he was attacking all the others in the tank. So we are now 3 fish down. :(

Now for something on a more positive side! :) This weekend I decided to try my hand at baking. After 23 years of never having baked a cake myself I had good old Mumsy over to show me how to make some of her delicious cupcakes. As it was Valentines Day on Sunday I decided to make some cute heart shaped ones. They are so delicious! I am going to try and make some chocolate brownies next! ^-^

So it was the Lunar New Year over this weekend and I went out for a yummy family meal to celebrate! :) We had some really delicious food, my favourite being the sea bass. I find you just can't go wrong with some good steamed fish! :) It is now the Year of the Tiger! RAWR! This is my year! Hopefully this means good things. ^-^

After watching a video on You Tube by Michelle Phan I decided to try out her tiger inspired make up for my new year celebration.

I never used to bother that much with make up but I have always LOVED fancy dress! Michelle Phan first caught my eye with her dressing up videos, the Sailor Moon Transformation being one of the coolest. It also turned out that she did some great DIY skincare on a budget and fancy make up tutorials which I have now ended up watching religiously.

Over the weekend I also discovered the new 'pages' feature on blogger. I have now added a nav bar to the top of my blog. I finally have a home button! hooray! I am planning on adding some more pages to help organise the content on my blog in the near future so keep a look out.

Anyway today is Tuesday which means Two for Tuesday at Dominos Pizza! So I'm heading off now to order an extremely unhealthy but very delicious dinner. :)

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