Friday, 12 February 2010

February for Fishes

Hello Everyone!! Sorry for my recent absence. Since the 1st of Feb I have been settling into the real world of full time work. ^-^ After over a year of working from home in my pyjamas and munching on food all day my body seems to be slowly slowly adjusting. :)

So what have I been up to since my last post!?

Well as I just mentioned I have started a full time Artist position working using Flash at a local company that creates online educational content for children. I really have enjoyed my first couple of weeks! So far so good! :)

The Adrenaline Alley project is temporarily on hold as the deadline has been moved to May. *phew* This gives us a lot more time so we are all quite relieved. Andy E and a few others from the group visited the park last week and managed to get some great footage and photos of the park in full use during a special event. Looking forward to seeing those! We'll be having another meeting soon I'm sure.

I thought I would also use this post to show you all my new inhabited fish tank! ta-da! We now have 16 little fishes swimming around.

The Tank

A closer look


Above is Plec, he's our little Algae eater. He's so funny, I love his little sucking mouth! At first we were worried he wasn't getting enough to eat so we bought some special plec food. However since he's been getting these yummy treats the tank is now filling up with algae :( what a fail... looks like we will have to give the tank a good clean next week. I never realised keeping tropical fish took so much work. It's totally worth it though! ^-^ I love watching them swim around, its sooo relaxing.

Anyway I will be off for now but will hopefully update again soon. I have a couple more book posts in the works although I can't say when they will be up. I did finally buy myself that gorgeous Disney Animation Archive book though ♥. That will be getting a post all to itself! :)

If I don't post again before the weekend is out 新年快乐! 2010 will be a good year as its my year, year of the Tiger! RAWR!

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