Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Mass Posting Alert!

I have been very quiet on this blog this year.  Even though I have had lots of things I've wanted to post about I've been finding it difficult to get around to actually posting them.  Now 2010 is coming to an end I have found myself with a lot of time on my hands thanks to some fluey type illness.  So to end this year I'm going to try push out as many of the posts I've had sitting in my drafts all year. :) Let the posting begin!

Yanim Studio - Yannick Puig

I really love this little character created by Yannick Puig for his animation Krapooyo.  It's quite an old now but  I thought I would post links to the films and the studio website.  If you haven't seen his work before then it is definitely worth a look.

You can visit the Krapooyo Site to see a higher quality version of the film which is worth the wait.

Hong Kong Disneyland

After my whole life of wanting to visit Disneyland I finally made it! (to the slightly smaller Hong Kong Disneyland that it.)  I took lots of pictures especially in the animation museum and wanted to share some of them on here.

Some pictures from the park...

The Castle! <3
"I know you I walked with you once upon a dream...."
I wanted to ride these flying elephants since I was about 4 years old!
Cute Mickey and Minnie design on a box of mooncakes.
A Disney artist in the parade. :)

Multicolr Search Lab

A fun way to search through Flikr.

Reel Roulette

Chris introduced me to this site a while back...

This is pretty cool, you can keep clicking through lots of different types of reels. :) It's quite good if you're looking for a bit of inspiration or for some new artists whose work you can get into.  My reel is a year old now and in need of an update but here is a link anyway...

The Art of the Disney Princess

Here is a little sneak peak into the book Art of the Disney Princess
This really is a lovely book although not quite what I expected.  I hoped it might have some character concept work for each princess, instead it is a collection of illustrations of each princess in various styles by lots of different artists.
Below are some photos of what is inside :) My favourites were the Art Nouveau versions of each of the princesses by Enrique Pita & Ed Irizarry.  (The Jasmine illustration below.  You can see more of these illustrations at this link.)

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

A little something a few of us made at work. ^-^
Halloween EdCity style!

I know I've been absent with posts for a while but I'm aiming to make a comeback before the end of the year. :)
.watch this space.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Adrenaline Alley Online!

Since last year CtrlG were involved in creating online video content for the website of our local skate park, Adrenaline Alley.  Big thanks to Andy Eathorne, Ryan Kyle and Andy Ralston for bringing all the video content together and to all the musicains who were involved in creating soundtracks for the films.

The content has now gone live!
You can see a video on the front page and all the rest can be found under the virtual tours section.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Xiao Xi at Hiroshima International Animation Festival

The Hiroshima International Animation Festival will be held from the 7th - 11th August and my graduation film 'Xiao Xi' will be screened as part of the 'Stars of Students' program.  I am very excited that my film was accepted as it was the last festival I planned to enter.  It doesn't seem like it but it has been two years since I finished my grad film and its festival life has now come to an end.  :(  Its really about time I started working on a new film. :)

I am not sure which screening my film will be shown at but it will be available to watch at the Educational Market where I have sent over some of my postcards and business cards for display. :)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Toy Story 3: Google Search

I love Google and I love Pixar so quite naturally I loved this clip. :)
Can't wait for the movie to come out!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Project Onomatopee

Since I graduated and joined the working ranks I have found it extremely hard to find some time for myself where I can just have a doodle, draw or paint.  It had been getting me down recently as I have been feeling very uninspired and my head is just full of mundane tasks that need to get done.  After talking to a few of my fellow post grads I soon found that we were all suffering a bit on the creative side.  :( 

So when my old Dutch collab partner Nicole invited me to join her online project to get everyone drawing again I couldn't wait to join in!  Click the link below to check it out.

Every month Nicole will set a theme and then we can create any kind of art work we like.  The great thing is that everyone has a different approach and its quite inspiring to see how others might interpret the theme.  It is also nice to see all the different styles of work which is something I haven't been exposed to much recently.  The project isn't strict on involvement and we can dip in and out of it when we have time. (This will work well for my busier months)  I was a little late this month but wanted to enter something so I quickly drew this.

My entry for June's theme 'Nightmare'
(Yes, I hate being on the tube)

I can't wait for the next theme and am thinking I will use July to try something a little different.  I might get back into painting or pastels again and might even get out my little paper cutting scissors.  :) 

Saturday, 19 June 2010

NUCA on iTunes U

My old uni has set up an iTunes U account where for free you can download my graduation film as well as several others that were created on the Animation course in Norwich.  Click the image below to check it out. :)  There are also links to examples of work from all the courses at the uni so it's worth a look.

Norwich University College of the Arts 
previously Norwich School of Art and Design

Disney's Tangled (Rapunzel) Trailer

I was really looking forward to this movie. The concept work looked gorgeous and the whole idea of creating a CGI movie that resembled a painting had me really excited. However now that the trailer has come out I can't help but feel a little disappointed. :(

I don't know exactly what it is but this trailer feels so different from the original tests I saw on You Tube last year. On the positive side the colouring of the film looks great and the backgrounds are very close to the concept artwork but for me the characters and the way this whole trailer has been put together has let me down. I was hoping this film would have that feel of an old style Disney classic. Instead I am getting the feeling it will just be another big animated release full of annoying characters with a rubbish story.

I thought I would share the trailer on here anyway... what do you think?

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Animus by Seonna Hong

I love Seonna Hong's artwork (see one of my previous posts) and had been eyeing her book online for a long time. So it was the best surprise when my dear friend Rachinta bought me this signed copy of Animus for my birthday last year! The book was actually published in 2004 so as you can see I am quite behind in finally getting hands on it and posting about it here. :)

Front and inside cover
Buy it here at  (I can't seem to find a UK outlet)

"Animus is the story of a little girl's encounters with a vicious dog.
The book utilizes a unique mix of traditional paintings and cleverly
animated pop-up elements to bring its characters and their emotions to life."

It's a thick but still quite small hardback book, approx A5 sized. The pages are made out of thick glossy card and the print quality of the illustrations is great.

It is great to see Seonna's beautiful illustrations in a lovely pop up form! It even includes one of my favourite illustrations featuring the little girl in the forest surrounded by friendly woodland creatures.  This was one of the first pieces of Seonna's work I discovered which once upon a time I used to cover my diary.  Below are a couple of snap shots from the inside of the book.  I have to apologise now for the picture quality, the lighting in our office isn't too good.  Enjoy! 

Below is another one of my favourite illustrations featured in the book.  It is titled 'Self Help' on Seonna's website. It's quite difficult to see on my photograph but the text on the book reads 'How to Make Friends' very cute indeed. :)

Monday, 14 June 2010

Saturday, 5 June 2010

CtrlG Updates and Lyveden New Bield Video

Time for a quick update on CtrlG!

We have been busy working on the Adrenaline Alley project over the last few months. There have been a few set backs but we're coming close to finishing everything off. All the awesome video content Ryan and Andy R have been working so hard on will soon be online for everyone to see. Below is a sneak peak of the video player I built to be intergrated into the main site. It will hopefully be going live by the end of June. :) With the park continuing to grow there may be a lot more media content for CtrlG to put together in the future.

Warren Shaw a member of our group headed down to Kettering Arts Market last weekend to sell some of his work and created a flyer advertising our group. He also set up the Ctrl_G Blog !!! We finally have some web space that is our own! All core members of the group will be able to update this blog with their own work as well as talking about the current group projects.

I thought I would finish this post with a short video edited by our own Andy Eathorne. Taken from Watch This Space here are some extracts from the full Lyveden New Bield event. Keep an eye out for CtrlG's projections! :)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Rob Ryan - Papercut time lapse


I wish I had a steady enough hand to create something like this.

A Peak: Animation (Walt Disney Animation Archives)

I have been writing this post on and off for months but it is FINALLY complete! Now I can finally share with you one of the most beautiful books I own and am proud to have on my bookshelf. It is a lovely large hardback book, slightly too wide which causes it to stick out of my book display but I can forgive it because of all the gorgeous content.

Sketches from one of my Disney favourites, Sleeping Beauty

The book is introduced by John Lassester and contains over 250 pages of original sketches from a selection of Disney films, showcasing the work of many artists. The book starts with some very early Disney films and shorts before progressing onto more recent releases like the The Princess and the Frog. It contains various styles of drawings, in various states e.g. rough animation sketch, inked drawings, some with colour, some without.

It was great to see some of the classic Disney characters from the old shorts like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy. My knowledge on the history of Disney animation is pretty bad for an animator so there were several titles in the book that I hadn't even heard of before. I was very much a 90's Disney kid with The Lion King, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid being some of my favourites :) So it was great for me to see some of the earlier artwork and be introduced to some new titles so late in the day. :)

What I found to be a nice surprise was that the book has several fold out pages which show sketches from an animated sequence.  See the example of Pinocchio below.

Fold out Pages

I did hope for some more images from The Little Mermaid, but that's just my own personal preference.  I think there are plenty of images to satisfy any Disney fan. :)  I loved the sketches from Dumbo mostly because he is just so cute.  One of my other favourites are the sketches of Cinderella' s dress transformation from rags to ball gown. This is printed as an image sequence over a fold out page.  The drawings are beautiful and the amount of detail in the sparkles is amazing.

A preview of some of the different types of images inside

There is a nice little section at the back of the book which has photographs of the artists working in the Disney studios giving readers a chance to put a face to an artist. :) A full list of the artists featured in the book are Ub Iwerks, Norm Ferguson, Ben Sharpsteen, Hamilton Luske, Dick Huemer, Grim Natwick, Art Babbitt, Fred Moore, Bill Tytla, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, Milt Kahl, Marc Davis, Ward Kimball, John Lounsbery, Eric Larson, Les Clark, Wolfgang Reitherman, John Sibley, Bill Justice, Ted Berman, Clyde Geronimi, Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, Eric Goldberg and Mark Henn.

For those of you who are interested here is a list of the Disney titles featured in this book.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Playful Pluto Sleeping Beauty Saludos Amigos
Lady and the Tramp Sagebrush Sadie Steamboat Willie Plane Crazy
Three Little Pigs The Big Bad Wolf Grasshopper and the Ants Flowers and Trees
Building a Building The Goddess of Spring Pinocchio Orphan's Benefit
Goofy and Wilbur Fantasia The Little Whirlwind The Nifty Nineties
Bambi Make Mine Music The Three Caballeros How to Play Golf
Duck Pimples Song of the South The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad Melody Time
Cinderella Alice in Wonderland Peter Pan Mickey Mouse Club
101 Dalmatians The Jungle Book The AristocatsThe Rescuers
The Great Mouse Detective The Little Mermaid The Rescuers Down Under Beauty and the Beast
Aladdin The Lion King Pocahontas Hercules
Mulan Fantasia/2000 Lilo and Stitch Treasure Planet
Lorenzo The Princess and the Frog

You definitely don't have to be an artist to appreciate this book.  I think it will be loved by ALL fans of Disney and anyone who enjoys and appreciates traditional animation. :) Personally I could spend hours just looking through it again and again. My plan now is to buy the other two books in the series!! :)

STORY: which is the first book in the 'The Archives Series' and DESIGN: which is due to be released in October 2010.  When I finally get my hands on them and have some free time I'm sure I will share them on this blog as well.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Little Leap Forward - 2010 Tour Dates

Horse + Bamboo Theatre
Little Leap Forward
Spring 2010 Tour Dates

See extracts from the show on You Tube at this link.
You can book tickets by visiting the venue websites listed below.

13-14 May
The Dukes, Lancaster

19 May
The Borough Theatre, Abergavenny
01873 850805

20 May
Aberystwyth Arts Centre

27-28 May
Jersey Arts Centre

2 June
Darlington Arts Centre

4 June
The Maltings Theatre, Berwick-upon-Tweed

7 June 
Tom Stoppard Theatre, Pocklington

10-12 June
Spark Children's Festival, Peepul Centre, Leicester

16-17 June
The Civic, Barnsley

18 June
The Met, Bury

25 June
Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

For more info on Little Leap Forward see the Horse + Bamboo website.  

Sunday, 25 April 2010

A monthly update

Hello, I can't believe it has been over a month since my last post. :( I have been an extremely busy bee this last month and as usual I have taken on far more projects than I can handle.  As well as my full time job I have been back organising the Adrenaline Alley project, designing a wedding invite for a friend and editing together a film of the most recent Horse + Bamboo production 'Storm in a Teacup'.

There has also been some technology breaking creature in our house this month as we saw the death of two computers and our TV within two weeks (and my laptop doesn't seem too healthy either).  Luckily with all this extra work I've been taking on I have been able to upgrade my old desktop and buy my first wacom, the Intuos4 Medium Pen Tablet.  Hopefully next month when I get some free time I will be able to have a little play with it and see if I can still draw in Photoshop. :)

So I have been working on 'Storm in a Teacup' today which is a lovely little show about a lighthouse keeper who is just looking for a friend.  :)  It was really nice to edit the film and hear how much the children in the audience were enjoying the show.

Whilst I am on the subject of Horse + Bamboo the second tour of 'Little Leap Forward' will be starting soon, I will update with tour dates on my blog sometime next week but if you want to see them now then click here.

Ooo another little update is that I finally jumped onto the twitter train and got myself an account a few weeks back.  I haven't actually tweeted about anything interesting yet as I don't have many followers and the whole interface is kind of confusing, I'm sure I will get used to it soon though...

So if you're on there then follow me and I shall follow you!

I must be off now as I have lots of boring washing to sort out before I can chill for the night.  I will leave you with this film that I have wanted to share for a while, it's awesome by the way so you should most definitely watch it!  Night :)

Uploaded by onemoreprod. - Watch original web videos.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

London BFI, V&A Decode

A couple of weekends ago I headed down to London for the day for a trip out with some friends. :) We were on a quite a tight schedule but managed to fit in lots of things we wanted to do. :)  It was a very nerdy day out with lots of interactive experiences, so I thought I would share some of them on here.  Our first stop was the V&A where we checked out the exhibition Decode: Digital Design Sensations.

Mehmet Akten, Body Paint, 2009
This exhibition was a lot of fun! ^-^ The exhibition shows the latest digital and interactive art works in development and looks at three themes, Code, Interactivity and Network

" Code presents pieces that use computer code to create new works and looks at how code can be programmed to create constantly fluid and ever-changing works.  Interactivity looks at works that are directly influenced by the viewer. Visitors will be invited to interact with and contribute to the development of the exhibits.  Network focuses on works that comment on and utilise the digital traces left behind by everyday communications and looks at how advanced technologies and the internet have enabled new types of social interaction and mediums of self-expression." 

We had loads of fun messing around with all the installations.  I generally love any kind of interactive thing, so I was in heaven.  Most of the pieces reacted to your movement, sounds or touch creating some really cool unique images.  There were also pieces that took advantage of the recent app culture using iphone applications and the internet to allow people all over the world to contribute to the exhibition. Below are some of my favourite pieces from the exhibition.

YOKE, Dandelion, 2009
Large projected Dandelion which you can "blow" using a hairdryer.
Ross Phillips, Videogrid, 2008
A video camera on a tripod captures a few seconds of footage at the press of the button.  It is then added on a loop to the screen on the other side.
I really loved this tree because it reminded me of some designs I had for my old website. :)  Its was so pretty and animated to sensors catching the wind outside the V&A. :) Very clever. 
The exhibition is on until 11th April 2010 so if you are around London or can find the time to visit then I really recommended you check it out.

So the next stop was the BFI Southbank where I finally got to see 'The Secret of Kells' on the big screen.  We had a mad run across London to the cinema though (stupid closed tube), and we missed the first ten minutes of the film.  However it didn't spoil the awesomeness, its one of the prettiest looking films I've seen in a long time.  I loved it! <3 I'm thinking of buying the DVD now which is avaliable from the Cartoon Saloon online shop.

After the film we had just over an hour before we had a reservation at the restaurant Inamo.  So we decided to have a quick stop at the Tate and explored this giant box of nothingness.  It didn't really feel like nothing to me though as there were lots of people in there and it was just darkness and noise... not very interesting.  The Tate shop though was a different story... had lots of fun in there looking at all the nice books I want to buy but can't afford. :)

So finally we got to eat! :)  Inamo is quite a new restaurant in Soho that provides and interactive dining experience.  Instead of ordering your food with a human everything is done through the interactive projected screen on your table.  

This was a lot of fun and I was really excited as I had been itching to go to this restaurant since I saw it advertised over a year ago!  You can preview all your food and drinks and as soon as you place your order it goes straight through to the kitchen.  Whilst you are waiting for your food you can play games on the tables, change the 'table cloth' decoration and watch the chefs preparing the food via 'chef cam'.

The food was delicious although quite expensive for what it was. I didn't mind paying a bit more though as it was great to have such a fun dining experience. I won't be going there to eat on every trip to London but would definitely like to visit again.

I had such a good day out even if it was some what rushed. It was so nice to see uni people again and spend the day being a little nerdy. We finished with some bubble tea from China town before heading back home which was yummy as well as satisfying. It was all in all a great trip, I can't wait for the next one now! :)

p.s. I am sorry if the layout for this post is displaying weird.  Blogger has recently updated the features for writing posts so I decided to give this new version of 'Compose' a try.  Instead of being easier than before I am finding myself getting very frustrated with the lack of control I have over the layout.  From my next post I will be back to writing using good old 'Edit HTML'. ^-^