Sunday, 6 December 2009

Back to work...

I am finally in the new house and have sorted out the most important things that needed to be done. This of course included the office which is now full of all my computers and books. We had a bit of a mad shopping spree at Ikea and bought quite a few bookshelves....

It looks pretty awesome though and we still have room for plenty more books and dvds. :) We did discover that we have quite a lot of Chinese language books... at least 20. Which is quite sad as our Chinese is still so poor :( We desperatly need more hours in the day so we can do all the things we want >.<

Anyway it is back to work this week! :) I am going to be putting together the full length DVD of Deep Time Cabaret. I'm quite looking forward to seeing the show again on tape. ^-^ So it should be an interesting week.

We also have a new project coming up involving the group CtrlG. Members of the group will be working together to create online content for the Adrenaline Alley skate park. I will update about this in more detail soon.

I will leave you now with something I saw today that made me very excited! A sneak peak at the new Harry Potter film!


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Francie. said...

hurrah! Harry potter!! Ps. that is a v. nice arrangement of books you have there, so much better than my bookshelf ><"