Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Lyveden New Bield Project: Coming to an end...

So we are only two days away from the Lyveden Bonfire Night Extravaganza! The people from Watch this Space are working very hard over at Lyveden setting up and making the final preparations for Thursdays event.

I was unable to attend the final workshop last Saturday as the deadline for the blueprint animation was just too close but I heard it went down pretty well and that everyone finished off their films on time. So they are all rendered and ready to be projected!

The FINAL Workshop

A GIF has been put together by members of the group of the HUGE stop motion piece we created during the first workshop. Using red ribbon and wool we attempted to create an image of Lyveden New Bield and filmed from inside the building itself. Pretty good for half an hours work I reckon. ^-^

Large stop motion GIF

On the other side of things Andy E and myself visited Lyveden last week for projection tests which was very cool (see previous post for images). We also all visited yesterday to hand over the final versions of our films and to see the set up for the event. It is all looking pretty impressive, I can't wait until Thurs night! Now we just have to wait until the full building projection test happens to be sure that the film can be ticked off completely! Fingers crossed!!

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