Saturday, 7 November 2009

Lyveden New Bield - Gunpowder Treason and Plot

The event was amazing! Everything went according to plan, the performers looked great, and the music, audio, lighting, projections and fireworks all fused together perfectly! Well done to everyone who was involved!

I managed to get a few nice shots last night but I know that other memebers of our group took some much better images so I will post links to those soon. Andy E is also going to be editing together a short film of the event which will hopefully be posted online. I will leave you with some of my photos from the night...

Ryan - Camera man #2 Well protected from the rain

Opening Scene on the Spiral Mound

The Architecture Scene

The video sequences created as part of the video workshops

Lyveden as it is today


The performers take their bows

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Bob Frith said...

Steff it looks amazing - really well done to everyone involved.