Monday, 23 November 2009

Busy. Busy. Busy

Sorry for the lack of updating this week, I have been off visiting friends in Norwich and my sister in Birmingham. Very very busy! It was nice to take a break from work though and fit in some social time. However during my visits I was a bit sick :( This makes me very sad as it meant that I couldn't really eat anything! :( Very frustrating when we are visiting lots of restaurants with yummy food! My tum still feels a bit sickly but I am hoping it'll be gone this week so I can back to pigging out! ^-^

Delicious food I didn't get to finish

Yesterday I went to Birmingham to the BIG Chinese supermarket and stocked up on the essential rice bag and many many packs of noodles for the big move this week. We also went to eat at this little place in Chinatown and got a really good lunch deal! It was £5.50 for drink, meal and dessert. Of course I could barely eat mine as my stomach seems to be rejecting everything right now but the small piece I did eat was delicious! I will definitely be going back there when I can eat properly!

We also visited the Christmas market which was great! Everywhere looked so pretty all lit up and the stands were full of lots of cool things and delicious food. I bought myself a glass nail file to "last a lifetime" (I hope) and some flower shaped fairy lights to go in my new studio area. ^-^ Here are a few photos I took whilst walking around. I love the little chocolate hedgehogs, they are so cute!

Anyway I am finally moving house today! I am so excited about it! ^-^
I have bought many things in preparation for the move and I need to do a bit more shopping today to buy some essentials like pans.... so we can actually cook.
So just a warning that this blog may be once again absent from posts until I am settled and back into my usual routine. :)

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